K-12 Public Education through the Public’s Eye

 Since 2009, the Cowen Institute has conducted an annual poll to assess local public perception of the public education system in New Orleans. We have done so out of the belief that understanding how the public at-large, and parents in particular, view these changes is a crucial part of evaluating the effect these changes have had on parents, students, and the community as a whole. These perceptions will likely help shape how public education will continue to evolve in New Orleans.

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Issue Briefs: CMOs in New Orleans

poicy_brief_no1_coverAccording to a brief released today by the Cowen Institute at Tulane University, 60 percent of public charter schools in New Orleans are now part of a charter management organization (CMO).

“This issue brief offers a unique analysis of the increasing prevalence of CMOs in New Orleans,” said Vincent Rossmeier, Director of Policy for the Cowen Institute. “The brief helps to highlight the benefits and drawbacks CMOs have for individual schools, students, parents, and administrators.”

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New Earn and Learn Promotional Video

Check out our new video promoting our Earn and Learn Career Pathways Program!

Reconnecting Opportunity Youth: Data Reference Guide

roy_data_guide_coverToday, the Cowen Institute at Tulane University released Reconnecting Opportunity Youth: Data Reference Guide. The report, authored by Senior Policy Analyst Patrick Sims, is a comprehensive examination of opportunity youth at the national, state, and metropolitan levels from a cost and demographic perspective.

“This report provides a baseline for understanding who opportunity youth are both in New Orleans and nationally,” said Vincent Rossmeier, Director of Policy for the Cowen Institute. “Opportunity youth can truly be assets for their communities when they are reconnected to quality employment, educational, and training opportunities. Reconnection of this kind is the first step in ensuring opportunity youth persist on pathways to living-wage careers.”

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Interactive Governance & School Guide

The Cowen Institute has launched a new interactive tool to help families who are currently gathering information to complete school applications.

Using the Cowen Institute Governance and School Guide, families can filter schools by performance, OneApp participation and geographic zones, grade levels, and by the mode of transportation offered. With the interactive map, families can determine how far a school is from their home and the length of commute by car, public transportation, bicycle, or on foot.

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