The Cowen Institute strives to understand how public schools and school systems can be successful, especially in a decentralized environment, and to influence the process of public education improvement in New Orleans with high-quality information and applied research. Our research is widely distributed and utilized by key stakeholders across the New Orleans area, the state, and the entire country. The Cowen Institute serves as an objective voice to education leaders, policymakers, the media, and the public about what is taking place in public education in New Orleans – particularly in the areas of accountability, operations (finance, human capital, and facilities), and governance – by disseminating relevant data and research. The Cowen Institute informs educators, administrators, media, and the general community on issues impacting public education in New Orleans.

Areas of Focus:

  • Chronicle the transformation of public education in New Orleans
  • Inform the process of public education improvement in the city by identifying and sharing educational data, research, and best practices with key stakeholders
  • Develop and analyze applied educational research that is both relevant to New Orleans and has national implications

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