America’s Teacher Corps
Steven Glazerman, Mathematica Policy Research
Dan Goldhaber, University of Washington
Susanna Loeb, Stanford University
Douglas O. Staiger, Dartmouth University
Grover J. “Russ” Whitehurst, The Brookings Institution
Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institution
March 2010


This report proposes the creation through federal legislation of America’s Teacher Corps (ATC).  Highly effective K-12 public school teachers, as documented through district or state evaluation systems that comply with federal standards, would qualify for membership in the ATC.  Members of the ATC would receive visible recognition for teaching excellence and, conditional on service in high-poverty Title I schools, a salary supplement and portable credential.  The ATC would encourage states and districts to establish effective teacher evaluation systems and to use those systems to guide the recruitment, retention, placement, professional development, and compensation of teachers.  The ATC would serve to reduce unnecessary credentialing barriers to the movement of effective teachers from state to state.  The ATC would serve the needs of economically disadvantaged students by providing incentives for the best teachers to work in schools that serve those students.  By appealing directly to teachers, the ATC would complement the current federal program with similar goals, the Teacher Incentive Fund, and the Obama administration’s proposed replacement, the Teacher and Leader Innovation fund, both of which require applications from school district administrations for competitive grants.

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