Creating a Governing Framework for Public Education in New Orleans
The Scott S. Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives at Tulane University
November 2009


Public school governance in New Orleans is complex and in flux.  Few cities have the opportunity to think through their system of educational governance in the way that the city of New Orleans has had and will continue to have over the next few years.  For these reasons, Tulane University’s Cowen Institute has undertaken this project to examine potential options for a framework of education governance in New Orleans.

In this series of papers, the Cowen Institute analyzes both the history of educational governance in New Orleans and the experiences of other school districts with a variety of governing frameworks.  Our first three papers focus on the following levels of authority and relationships in the educational system:  School District Political Leadership, the Central Office and the School, Charter School Authorizers and Charter School Operators.  The reports provide important background information to policymakers and the community on the possible options for governance structures.  With two school districts and over 30 charter school operators in the New Orleans public education landscape, the issues of governance structures, lines of accountability and system-wide transparency take on new importance.

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