Hope Needs Help – Issue Brief: Building a Better New Orleans
Milly Hawk Daniel
August 2007


The federal government and community groups within the city and throughout the rest of the nation have helped New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina, but progress has been slow and difficult for many. This article discusses housing, employment and education rebuilding efforts and makes suggestions for improvements. Meaningful recovery, the report asserts, will only occur if methods are developed to increase funding and ensure that that money helps provide affordable rental housing and enables low-income individuals to buy and repair their own homes. The economy needs additional stimulation: small businesses should have increased access to subsidies and loans, and low-income workers should have better access to workforce training. Schools need to be repaired, and increased efforts need to be made to recruit quality teachers and school administrators. According to this report, barriers to recovery like the Stafford Act (which restricts the flow of federal dollars to the city) need to be removed so that effective investment can reinvigorate New Orleans.

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