The State of Public Education in New Orleans
The Greater New Orleans Education Foundation
The Scott S. Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives at Tulane University
The New Orleans City Council Education Committee
April 2008


Published in 2008, this report is a follow-up to a 2007 report that detailed the history of the public school system in New Orleans through August 2005 and described the new model of public education governance in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. It features new and updated data from focus groups, surveys and interviews held with teachers, students, parents, and principals that focuses on these stakeholders’ needs within the current system and desires for the future. The report lauds the successes of the prior year, including stronger leadership, improved facilities, and increased community involvement. It concludes with an accounting of remaining challenges such as poor coordination among schools and districts and lack of timely and accessible school information for parents and students.

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