Each school year, the Louisiana Department of Education conducts two student enrollment counts: on October 1st and February 1st. These counts also document the race, gender, grade level, and free or reduced lunch eligibility status of students in grades pre-K to 12. The public school enrollment counts are particularly important because they are used to determine how schools and districts receive funding from the state. The data used in this report were released by the Louisiana Department of Education and can be found online here.

The Cowen Institute analyzes these data to uncover trends. Below, you can read and download the report, explore an interactive map of schools, and use an interactive chart to view that data in different ways.






The following map is an interactive way for you to view schools by their demographics. According to the 2012 Census data, about 59% of New Orleans is African-American, 31% is White, 5% is Hispanic, and 3% is Asian. However, the population estimates for those under 18 years old are different: 73% African-American, 17.4% White, 4.8% Hispanic, and 2.5% Asian. Schools are grouped based on their racial/ethnic composition using the categories below:

African-American > 95%: if a school’s African-American population was greater than 95%.

African-American 76%-95%: if a school’s African-American population was between 76% and 95%.

White > 40%: if a school’s White population was over 40%.

Representative of NOLA: if a school’s population was similar in composition to New Orleans.

Representative of NOLA Youth: if a school’s population was similar in composition to New Orleans under the age of 18.

Hispanic > 15%: if a school’s Hispanic population was over 15%.

Asian > 15%: if a school’s Asian population was over 15%.

Hispanic and Asian > 40%: if a school’s combined Hispanic and Asian population was over 40%.

When using the map below, you can click on the categories on the left-hand side to highlight all the schools that fall into the given category. You can also click on the school’s pin to see more details about the school, including its name, address, School Letter Grade as assigned by the Louisiana Department of Education, and the full breakdown of its student population.



The following interactive chart allows you to explore the relationship between the school’s letter grade as assigned by the LDOE and the composition of their student body. For example, you can select letter grades (in the legend to the left) and the chart will highlight all schools that received that particular grade and you can click on the school name to get more details on its student body. Schools are grouped by the categories that were described above.