Information for Students

What is the impact of this program for students?

  • Helping schools launch rigorous AP college-level courses in math, science and English
  • Building a culture of inclusiveness and preparation for more students to enroll in AP classes
  • Making tutoring, exam prep sessions and other support made readily available to students
  • Providing funds to cover AP exam fees not provided from other sources
  • Offering financial incentives to students who earn qualifying scores on AP exams
  • Providing supportive information to help in student and family decisions to prepare for and enroll in college

Tulane Students
How do I get involved? Can I tutor? I have a speciality in one of the AP courses you offer – do you need me?
Yes! Please contact Alex Hand for more information on how you can be a part of our program and please also fill out our survey here to be a mentor or a tutor.

High School Students
Does my school offer AP classes? How much do they cost? Can I start as a freshman? I’m a senior – is it too late to enroll in AP classes? The answers to all of these questions can be found through your Principal or AP teacher coordinator or by emailing Alex Hand.