The Cowen Institute frames the issues that affect the success of the system of public schools in New Orleans, a critical role given the decentralized approach to running schools. The Institute also develops and advances research-based policy and legislative solutions.  We actively work with policymakers and community leaders to advance these solutions through a number of advocacy efforts. We continuously inform leaders in local, state, and federal government of the issues relevant to the city’s system of public schools and their communities.

The Cowen Institute strives to bridge the gap between practice and policy and to build coalitions as necessary in order to address the needs of the public schools in New Orleans. Our endeavor is to help create a public education system that is responsive to the needs of the community and provides an equal opportunity for a world-class education to all, regardless of socioeconomic status, neighborhood, or race. We work continuously to ensure that policymakers, administrators, and governing bodies are held responsible and accountable to the community.

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Public Policy Contacts:

Vincent Rossmeier, Director of Policy

Email Vincent Phone: (504) 274-3624

Patrick Sims, Senior Policy Analyst

Email Patrick Phone: (504) 274-3634

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