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2014-15 School Governance Chart
September 2014

This document consists of two charts that detail the organizational structure of public schools in New Orleans for the 2013-14 school year. Download previous years’ charts below:

Transforming Public Education in New Orleans: The Recovery School District, 2003-2011
December 2011
This report presents a history of the RSD from its pre-Katrina inception in 2003 through 2011, including an analysis of the various issues and conditions that have defined its existence, and an examination of the RSD’s role in the future. Click here to download the executive summary.

Returning Schools to Local Control: The Recovery School District Return Policy and Its Implications
December 2011
This policy brief includes our analysis and recommendations to the policy and process guiding schools under the jurisdiction of the Recovery School District as they return to the local school board.

K-12 Public Education Through the Public’s Eye: A Survey of the New Orleans Community
October 2010
The Cowen Institute’s second annual public opinion poll surveyed New Orleans voters to assess their opinions about recent public education reforms and the future direction of public schools in New Orleans.

Cowen Institute’s Opinion on Public School Governance
October 2010
This statement puts forward our primary goals in creating a new system of governance for public schools in Orleans Parish. It calls on the various government entities over education and the community at large to engage in an open dialogue to ensure that we create a system that best meets the needs of our city’s children.

An Analysis of the Recommendation Concerning the Transfer of RSD Schools to Local Control
October 2010
This position paper reflects our analysis and recommended revisions to the state superintendent’s recommendation on the future of schools under the auspices of the Recovery School District.

Louisiana Charter School Authorizer Excellence Project
August 2010
This report examines the history of charter schools in New Orleans and Louisiana and explores options for charter school authorizers and for the governance of charter schools themselves.

Decision Time: Questions and Answers About the Return of Schools to Local Control
August 2010
This brief reviews the law regarding the process for returning Recovery School District schools to local control, describes areas that need clarification, and highlights what the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has to do over the months leading up to their final decision.

Orleans Public Education Network Understanding Governance Series Presentation
July 2010
This presentation was given by the Cowen Institute’s research team at the Understanding Governance Summer Series hosted by the Orleans Parish Public Education Network (OPEN). The series aimed to increase awareness and offer clarity on the various models local researchers proposed for public school governance.

Managing Innovation: Models for Governing the System of Public Schools in New Orleans
May 2010
This report, published in partnership with the Bureau of Governmental Research, presents five potential models for governing public schools in New Orleans and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Creating a Governing Framework for Public Education in New Orleans
November 2009
In this series, the Cowen Institute analyzes both the history of educational governance in New Orleans and the experiences of other school districts with a variety of governing frameworks. It focuses on three levels of governance: school district political leadership, the central office and the school, and charter school authorizers and operators.

Defining the Role of City Hall in K-12 Public Education in New Orleans
November 2009
Prior to the 2010 mayoral election, the Cowen Institute investigated what role and authority the Mayor of New Orleans actually wields in New Orleans’ public education landscape. This paper highlights our recommendations.

The State of Public Education in New Orleans
These publications are part of a series that the Cowen Institute produces on a regular basis about the state of public education in New Orleans.  The reports include a comprehensive description of the current system, including information specific to system-level governance.

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